September 17, World Patient Safety Day

The Covid-19 pandemic presents the greatest challenge to global health today and has triggered the greatest patient safety crisis in its history. The fear of an unknown and deadly virus, the strong pressure on health systems around the world, the uncertainty of when the vaccine will be ready, and the verification of its efficacy... All these aspects have highlighted the enormous difficulties and shortcomings currently faced by health workers around the world, something that has a direct impact on patient safety.

Today, September 17, is World Patient Safety Day, an event that is even more important this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. A commemoration that on this occasion takes on even greater importance, if possible, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to which the Foundation for Innovation and Development of the Health Safety (FDVS) joins this year.

This year, the World Health Organization has focused on health professionals who, despite the difficulties of their environment and putting their own health at risk, are responsible for ensuring the health of patients. To recognize and make visible the work and courage of health workers, during this day, many emblematic buildings around the world will be stained orange. In addition, different virtual initiatives will be carried out to raise global public awareness of the importance of health worker safety and its correlation with patient safety, increase public participation in health care safety, and promote global actions to improve safety and prevent harm to patients.

At the Foundation for the Development of the Health Vanguard, we fully identify with these objectives, since among our priorities are those of generating awareness in society about the importance of improving patient safety and promoting innovation in the health sector so that it results in greater quality of care. Therefore, from our Foundation we invite you to join the commemorative events organized around this day.

Organizations like ours are called to promote a global debate in the pharmaceutical-healthcare field that stimulates the search for solutions that advocate for patient safety and support the elimination of human errors in the prescription, preparation and administration of medicines.

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