White Paper

White Paper: Challenges and Opportunities for the Improvement of Health Systems - (c) January 2020 

By Sfyris, A and Morata, E 
FIDHS White Paper, Madrid / Boston 
Foundation for the Innovation and Development of Health Safety

The Foundation's new white paper addresses the three most common incidences of medical error. According to a meta-analysis of journal articles on medical errors: (1) drug management incidents made up on average 25%, the highest proportion of preventable patient harm followed by; (2) incidents related to surgical procedures and healthcare infections, and finally; (3) diagnoses. Preventable medical errors contribute substantially to healthcare cost, including higher health insurance costs per person expenses. Medical errors cost approximately $20 billion a year and remain a serious health problem and a leading cause of death. Software solutions have demonstrated higher effectiveness in addressing these issues versus the implementation of human processes.